Antioxidant Measurement

The Free Radical Problem

Every day, we are exposed to free radicals.  Many of the physical effects we call again are a result of free radical damage in the form of pollution, smoke, excessive sunlight stress and more.

When left unchecked, this damage to your cells accumulates and can lead to serious health concerns later in life.

Nature's Solution

Antioxidants are your first defense against free radicals.  Our bodies naturally generate some antioxidants, however, new research shows additional sources os antioxidants may provide added protection against a growing onslaught of free radical invaders.

How do I protect myself from free radicals?

To be proactive, you should develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle including eating plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables, get an appropriate amount of exercise, maintain a healthy weight, get adequate and good quality sleep, and take quality supplements.

How do I know if my supplements are working?

Getting scanned with the Pharmanex Biophotonic scanner is a non-invasive, quick and convenient way to determine your antioxidant status...and to see if your supplements are actually working for you.

Scanning once a month allows you to chart your antioxidant level over time as you make changes towards a progressively healthier lifestyle.

How does the Scanner work?

The Pharmanex Biophotonic scanner is the world's first measuring tool that gives you a Skin Carotenoid Score showing the amount of carotenoid antioxidants activity in your body.

When you place the palm of your hand in front os the scanner's low-energy blue light, within about a minute you will obtain a reading of the carotenoid antioxidant levels in your skin.  The skin carotenoid score has been scientifically correlated to overall antioxidant status.

The technology of the Biophotonic scanner is based on an optical method known as Resonant Raman Spectroscopy, which has been used for many years in research laboratories.

The scanner measures carotenoid levels in human tissue at the skin's surface using optical signals.  These signals allow the measurement of carotenoids without interferance from other molecular substances.

In less than 60 seconds, you can find out if your diet, lifestyle and supplements provide the antioxidant protection your need for long-term health.

Increasing your score with a risk-free guarantee

Choose one of 8 Scanner Certified Supplements based on your age, gender, etc., and take it for 60 days (90 days for the Eye Formula).  

Your money will be refunded if your Scan Score does not improve after taking the Scanner Certified product at the recommended dosage for 60 days (90 days for the eye formula).